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Latin tutoring, paper editing. Go to a prof!
posted 1 month ago

Friendly but rigorous Harvard-educated instructor with 10+ years of university teaching experience will tutor Latin at all levels. I will...

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English and Writing Tutor
posted 1 month ago

I am able to help you succeed with your studies, whether that be in a specific course or writing as a whole.

I can help you with essay...

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posted 5 months ago

A Master of Mathematics degree.
* A very experienced and successful tutor.
*Competent in teaching/tutoring all levels of...

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Math and Stats tutor since 1997 with Masters Degree
posted 9 months ago

I will tutor Math 10, 20, 30, 113, 114,115 and Stat 151. I live in the West End right by West Edmonton Mall and prefer to have students come...

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DAT (Dental Aptitude Test) Manual Dexterity Lessons
posted 10 months ago

I got a perfect score (30/30) on the Canadian DAT and can teach you all the techniques I know which will help you in all aspects of the carve. ...

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ODLS – Math & English Tutoring
posted 11 months ago

Central Location - 1 km North of Oliver Square

Math 114
Math 31
Math 30-1
Math 20-1
Math 10C
Term Paper...

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