Will MarketPlace use my email for spam?

No. Definitely not. SAMU always sides with students. Selling your email or information is a violation of your trust and wouldn’t check out legally. We won’t be using your information for any other reason than to contact you directly if need be.

What happens if my book doesn’t sell?

If your book has been posted for a reasonable amount of time and still hasn’t gotten a bite, it might be best to investigate other options. MacEwan offers book buyback at the beginning and end of each semester, but if a new edition of your book has been published, they likely won’t take it. If it’s a novel or popular non-fiction, you can try selling it to a used bookstore. Unfortunately if it’s a basic textbook your next best bet is amazon.ca or kijiji.com.

What about my pet kitty, can I sell her on Marketplace?

The SAMU Marketplace is specifically for books and tutors. You can’t advertise or sell any other items or services.

Why can’t I sell whatever I want on Marketplace?

Have you heard of kijiji.ca? Well, they offer the exact same service. We didn’t want to spend student fees on providing a service that already exists. Also, we don’t want this site to get bogged down with other advertisements. We want students to be able to find what they need to compliment their education.

Who can be a tutor?

Anyone who is confident with their subject matter can be a tutor. A good guide and measure to go off is only tutoring courses you’ve already completed and excelled at. You don’t necessarily need a degree in Education, but we are hoping for tutors who know their stuff.

Why would I want to be a tutor?

Being a tutor is a great way to earn a little extra money or just help out. It’s a great side-gig, without the hassle of leaving campus (or your neighborhood, depending on where you’d like to meet). It looks great on your resume, and it’s a nice way to get involved in the MacEwan community without taking on too much responsibility.

Why would I want a tutor?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want a tutor. Perhaps you’re struggling with a course and need extra help. Maybe you just don’t want to fall behind. Or maybe it just helps to work alongside a partner. Tutors can offer you the support you need outside of the classroom.

Also, finding a tutor through SAMU Marketplace is a great way to find a tutor within your price range, with your ideal location in mind.

Is using Marketplace to meet a tutor or link up with a student to find books safe?

We hope so. The SAMU Marketplace is meant to benefit the MacEwan community, and we think it’s a positive tool. Students using this site need to be aware of the inherit risk when meeting with strangers, and know of ways to minimize that risk.

There’s no reason to be overly concerned, but just to be safe:

Meet on campus first. If you’re just exchanging books this is usually more convenient anyways.

  1. Make sure you always tell someone where you’re going, who you’ll be meeting with, and when you’ll be finished.
  2. Use common sense, meet in public places, and if you ever feel uncomfortable, leave.